Участници 2017

Иновативна кампания


The Apple‘s Thief

Short description of the theft
In Bulgaria cider drinks resonate equally well among males and females, beer regular, occasional drinkers, being particularly appealing to Millennials. 50% of Millennials already drink Cider on a regular basis. They also tend to hold a more positive image of the drink’s category than older consumers, by being tasty and easy to drink, according to them. So where is the catch you might ask?
Despite the promising current situation, the cider market in Bulgaria needed awakening. And did we miss a bold, local premiere in the sector? Oh yes, we did.
The task was challenging – turn the attention of the audience towards the new, mischievous, funny and playful brand The Apple’s Thief, to whom the stealing of memories is the only way to feel alive. To change the game, to be bold, to simply zig, when everybody zags – not only big words, left on paper. Ahead, the definition of “Be bold”, trust us. Ready, set, scroll down!