Участници 2017

Комуникационна кампания на годината


Lufthansa’s А380 arrives in Sofia

“Lufthansa’s A380 arrives in Sofia” is a special communication project aiming at building a sustainable positive image of the German airline among the general public, as well as promoting its long-haul destinations on the Bulgarian market. In the time of great media and public interest towards the various local promotional campaigns of low-cost carriers we successfully managed to attract media attention thus public interest towards the one-time visit of the Airbus A380 to Sofia.

In addition, we created the feeling that this visit is really important to the country and that this is an extraordinary experience one could not miss. We exploited the opportunity of having the only Bulgarian pilot at Lufthansa who flies the Airbus A380 to actually fly the huge “bird” home. We created a moment of nationwide glory and pride with Mario Bakalov – the Bulgarian who achieved his long desired dream, namely to make a touchdown with the biggest passenger aircraft on home soil. He proved to Bulgarians that even the sky is not the limit.

And to make the whole excitement and enthusiasm even bigger, on the Big day during its flight across the Bulgarian airspace the A380 was welcomed by 3 Bulgarian Air Force Mig-29s, including a photo-ship, thus providing stunning images and unique show to watch over the capital. The sensation we created turned the special event in a hot topic for months before and after the actual event and all of it resulted in an extensive media coverage for our client.