Участници 2017

Кампания за изграждане на работодателска марка


The Pride Builders of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has always been focused on people. Throughout the experience in the Bulgarian market, HPE succeed to establish its positive image of a reliable corporation which is strongly oriented towards the employees’ social realization. The company Employer Branding campaign aims to inform the wide public about the bases of the successful HPE people realization and to reveal the approaches for development of the most successful and highly motivated employees. The emotional and well-determined messages enabled the company to engage its target groups as well as to bring joy and satisfaction to the employees. As a result of the focused communication, including text and visual materials, the conducted initiatives were largely covered by Bulgarian media. From one side, this reach generated more productivity for the HPE team and from another, reaffirmed the company position of a desirable employer brand.
The main focus of the campaign was laid not on the traditional benefits that international company of that scale may give to its employees, but on the additional experience, personal development and satisfaction that the work together with so many interesting, highly motivated and open minded people brings to your life. To work in HPE is not only a daily engagement from 9:00am to 6:00 pm. It is an emotional journey, which strengthen not only your skills, but also your motivation, values, social interests, and even your will and body.