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Wear I CAN TOO T-shirt to Help Children in Need

I CAN TOO is an international charity organization dedicated to supporting children with special needs.More than 400 celebrities from around the world has joined the initiative of I CAN TOO Wear I CAN TOO T-shirt to Help Children in Need as they become faces of I CAN TOO in order to promote the mission of the organization worldwide.The initiative aims to raise awareness and to change the public attitude towards children with special needs, to attract contributors, donors and volunteers to the programs of the organisation.It is presented on a large-scale through outdoor advertising, social media and different online platforms.The result of it is that the mission of I CAN TOO reaches nearly 2 million people in Bulgaria each month.I CAN TOO is the only organization in the world in which more than 400 celebrities are ambassadors bringing awareness of the challenges faced by children with special needs.I CAN TOO is also the only organization in Bulgaria which has succeeds to establish two therapeutic centers for children with special needs entirely by in-kind donations:Therapeutic Center for Children with Disabilities in Sofia and I CAN TOO Center for Children with Autism in Plovdiv.Among the popular faced of I CAN TOO are: Hollywood actors Antonio Banderas, Dolph Lundgren,Kellan Lutz,Shawn Toub,Bulgarian actress Diana Lyubenova,the star athletes Krasimir Balakov,Grigor Dimitrov, Tsvetana Pironkova,as well as many writers,musicians,artists and animators from all over the world.