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Mtel Viber Flash Sales

The year is 2016. We know that about 2.5 million Bulgarians are using Viber every month. Moreover, 70% of all mobile users in the country have Viber installed on their phones. In order to seize the moment Mtel became Bulgaria’s first full telco company with its own Viber chat channel.

In December 2015 Mtel had 15 000 followers on Viber and it was in the TOP 5 of the most used applications by Mtel customers.

That’s why we were looking for appropriate content for our Viber users in order to attract their attention. We came to the idea to make exclusive offers for devices and products to be posted and seen on Mtel’s Viber chat only, which was a first for our industry.

The results following this market pioneering strategy are clear – until now we can proudly announce an average of 433% ROI and a whole army of 13 000 new followers of Mtel’s Viber public account.

Long live Viber. Long live Viber Flash Sales.