Участници 2017

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Mtel Twitterменшване

Twitter is the fastest growing social platform in the world. Google and Facebook each should have acquired Twitter, but they did not. Now the Twitter’s racehorse is solidly in the lead as an incredible 140 million users now use Twitter actively on a daily basis.

Currently there are ca. 500 000 Twitter users in Bulgaria and this number is growing. The social platform is used by the online community for various reasons, one of them being to communicate with opinion leaders. Mtel has had its own Twitter account since 2009 and it was the first telecom in Bulgaria to use this social network to interact with the online community. At the beginning Mtel’s behavior on Twitter was reactionary – answering complaints, user enquiries and “fav”-ing as well as retweeting the occasional positive comment regarding the telecom. There was no trace of efforts for engaging the online audiences on the popular social network and thus creating its own “brand ambassadors”.

And because Twitter is becoming a key communication channel for Mtel, we had to find a way to be closer to our followers, to respond in a more personal manner, with a measured dose of humor, self-irony and a little bit of sarcasm. That’s how #twitterменшване was born.