Участници 2017

Комуникационна кампания на годината


Made in BG

This is the story of how in 2016 Discovery Channel marked 10 times its usual rating in Bulgaria. And this is only one of the results from the communication campaign „Made in BG”. Everything started with the completely new show – Kings of the Wild, telling its own story about a worldwide known hunter and a famous British chef who both roam around in the wild nature to prove that a man can eat like a king in places where a king wouldn’t dare set one foot.
To provoke viewer’s interest towards the new show Discovery Channel and All Channels Communication Group teased Bulgarians by inspiring their national pride and reminding them of a special place in the world – their own country! Bulgaria. And this is how Discovery Channel marked its highest TV rating ever… in the dawn of the National Holiday.
But what is even more – “Made in BG” was the campaign which linked Discovery Channel emotionally to all its fans and viewers giving them a reason to feel proud of being Bulgarians.