Участници 2017

Специално събитие


Hyundai Racing Trophy 2016

Hyundai Racing Trophy is a sports platform which socially engages aspiring racecar drivers and makes motorsport accessible to them. Its goal is to provide training sessions before and throughout the rally races and to prepare the drivers for the European and World Rally Championships. All sport activities are communicated in real time at each stage of the development and implementation of the project in the form of a reality program. This innovative project aims to deliver a unique emotional experience to the vast fans of motorsports by providing them with a professional rally championship. Also it communicates the cars’ performance as proof of the engineering accomplishments of Hyundai. It is a concept developed by Hyundai Bulgaria since the project’s official start in 2015 and in alignment with the Bulgarian Federation of Automobile Sports and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria. Knowbox is the agency that develops the project’s communication strategy and handles PR, BTL, media coverage and relations and coordination with government institutions.

The sports project has a strong PR support which in 2016 surpassed all of the main objectives with its 10 linked events and achieved great results for the PR, social and marketing side of the project. The professional approach of the whole team and PR experts is strategically disclosed in a way to highlight the project as innovative, helpful and compelling to the media and general audience.