Участници 2017

Специално събитие


Destination: Future

In 2016 Postbank celebrated its 25th anniversary on the Bulgarian market and a series of remarkable events was organized by its communications agency BBDO Group. With the slogan “Destination: Future” we started with a huge party for the internal publics in March, held a stylish event for partners in June and celebrated with the general publics in November. All of these have never been done in the history of the company in such a big scale.
The campaign was inspired by the clear vision of Postbank towards the future and its image of an innovative bank that uses technologies to be closer to the customers. The key visual of the events created the feeling of an impressive new modern world. It also highlighted the main corporate slogan Solutions for your tomorrow and the special one for the anniversary We create the future with you.
The events were part of a complete communications campaign “Destination: Future”, created to strengthen the brand positioning of the bank, give expression of the evolution processes inside the organization and show the audiences we have changed. Postbank has become recommended bank, preferred by the demanding and financially literate customers. We found the right communications for the processes inside of the bank and created a meaningful conceptual framework.
All of this using entirely new communication style, stating that understanding the banking sector of the future defines what Postbank is today.