Участници 2017

Дигитална кампания


Danonino – Say Yes to Autonomy

Say Yes to Autonomy is one of the major digital projects of M3 Communications Group, Inc. in 2016/2017. The campaign was developed to raise awareness of children autonomy through series of thought provoking, heartwarming and eye-opening content, always-on assets and tailor-made to connect and engage with parents.

We believe that the stimulation of children’s autonomy is essential for their full development. That’s why M3 Communications team created and implemented the concept and decided to take active part in society promoting the new parenting way for kid’s autonomous development in all dimensions.

The campaign was developed in collaboration with a local expert – the recognized psychologist Dora Prangadzhiyska, and famous mommy bloggers – LaMartinia, Miryanka and Edgy Cuts. Our autonomy ambassadors built credibility, provided examples based on their own experiences and arguments to back up what the brand stands for.

With the campaign “Say Yes to Autonomy” we wanted to make Autonomy a relevant topic, and as part of the new brand positioning for Danonino, to be seen as a trusted partner for parents embarking on the autonomy journey with their children. The campaign included many online and offline initiatives, engaged traditional and social media channels, and provoked, inspired and supported parents to explore and apply autonomy in their daily lives, equipping them with relevant content, tools, services and products to achieve it.