Участници 2017

Специално събитие


25 years Overgas - we write history together

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’’ This reads an ancient proverb that inspired us to look for the intersection between mission, history, visionary and talent and see how they interact in the 25th year of Overgas history. We wanted to derive the most genuine and significant moments from the stories that are written hard each day and find the response in the achieved success during the years. So we looked for the most interesting moments and gathered them in an inspiring campaign for the Overgas anniversary.
We decided to look for the DNA success key of the company in the history of its employees. We provoked the interest of the internal audience to participate by gathering stars jury of much loved Bulgarian actors. Together we filmed fun teaser videos, which announced the pre-campaign. For a month we gathered the most authentic stories uploaded on a special website "The golden stories of Overgas". The juries selected the finalists and nominated them for best stories which were further told by the star jury in the most impressive way on the special event for the 25th anniversary of Overgas.
We created visual identity and turned the space into a real delight for the senses with a 360-degree projection and specially created visual content. We transformed the standard format of corporate anniversary and placed the experience of Overgas employees in the center. We turned them from passive viewers into active participants during the campaign.