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TELUS "Days of giving"

TELUS “Days of giving” is the most important event in CSR calendar of TELUS International all over the world. Every year, thousands of TELUS employees participate in volunteer activities in connection with a special day for the company. TELUS team members around the world join forces to contribute to a better life for those who are most in need and to “give where we live”.
In Bulgaria the event, which takes place twice a year, takes over a year of preparation.
Each year the company chooses a project which TELUS “Days of giving” and all volunteering employees will dedicated themselves to. The project is aimed towards a socially responsible cause and the main goal is to attract the entire society and the institutions in order to solve a specific issue. In 2016 TELUS Days of Giving activity supports people with hearing impairment in Bulgaria. The company spares resources from its budget in order to implement the initiative which relies highly on the volunteer work done by the many employees of TELUS. The initiative is held in Bulgaria since 2013 and from 2015 the TELUS “Days of giving” event takes place twice per year in Sofia and Plovdiv. By the end of 2016 six events have been organized in the two cities. The value of the donations made during all initiatives up to 2016 is over 350 000 BGN and the charity work done by 3000 volunteers.