Участници 2017

Кампания, реализирана от вътрешен ПР отдел


Let’s clean Bulgaria together

“Let’s clean Bulgaria together” is the biggest voluntary movement in the country which every year unites representatives of the government, business figures and citizens in the name of a cleaner Bulgaria. The main purpose at which the volunteers aim is decreasing the amount of trash situated in the protected areas of the country as well as cleaning the most polluted ones. “Let’s clean Bulgaria together” encourages the population to be socially responsible and affirms the value of one more beautiful and natural habitat. Being the only cause of this type in Bulgaria, the initiative is a part of the global movement “Let’s do it world!” which itself unites over 113 countries in the name of a cleaner planet. For 6 consecutive years, the movement has built a time-tested leadership in the field of uniting people in their desire to be helpful, socially active and responsible. Their motivation is proved with both seeing the importance of disagreeing with the situation and with their actions for change. Up to this moment, more than 1.3 million Bulgarians have taken part in the cause. Although its main purpose is removing the trash from the nature, its educational aspect should be underestimated under no circumstances. The initiative creates a feeling of responsibility in every citizen by highlighting its long-lasting effect for the nature. The strongly bounded partnership network and the established model of social activity serve as a guarantee for the success of the initiative.