Участници 2017

Кампания, реализирана от вътрешен ПР отдел


The human side of VAS

VAS is a marketmaker in the production of building materials and solutions. The company is respected employer of 130 employees, which includes some workers from minority groups and immigrants. It is run by two brothers who have transferred their personal qualities to the business and shape the positive image of the company. The project "The human side of VAS" aims to show the human face of the successful model of VAS and extends beyond the familiar management. It shows where the basic products come from, who and how produces them. The focus is on the employees who often remain hidden from the eyes of the customers. People whose hands are touching every product. Those who are not named in the official business correspondence. The main task of the communication campaign is to further increase the loyalty of the partners to the company by provoking sympathy for the different participants in the production process. It is aimed to gain recognition of the positive faces of the workers as an association for honesty and commitment to quality. The project is implemented on the corporate facebook page of the company. The campaign is launched in March 2016 and is continuing at the moment.