Участници 2017

Иновативна кампания


VIBER - Public accounts and bots launch in Bulgaria

At the end of 2016 Viber made a big step forward by launching the Public Accounts and Bots globally. Bulgaria was the first of all CEE countries to host the launch event dedicated to Public Account and Bots for business.The new features were targeting mostly companies by providing Viber users with easier and faster access to their favorite brands and celebrities globally. Since United Partners strategy is to be focused on results, we follow the Barcelona principles and implemenт them in every aspect of our work. For this campaign we used the AMEC methodology to plan and measure the PR campaign dedicated to the Public Accounts launch. Based on Viber business objectives we defined the PR objectives and the key target groups. We planned the activities and channels based on Shared, Owned, Paid or Earned, in order to use the resources in efficient way and to precise the investment. There were three main directions of the PR campaign - media plan with PR materials and interviews, event for media and partners, branding and giveaways. Demonstrating the innovative side of the brand, we discovered and used innovative cast app for streaming the phone screen where all the speakers were able to show their successful chatbot projects and public accounts live. For first time we executed the media relations follow up via Viber. We generated 2 010 377 impressions (total in TV, online social and print editions) and generated 28 pieces of news coverage. Hicomm magazine livestreamed the event.