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Samsung - See life in full colors

300 million people cannot distinguish between colors. Only in Europe, minimum 8% of men have Color Vision Deficiency (CVD). The loss of information due to inadequate color decoding slows down comprehension, delays reactions, prevent people to become doctors, teachers, pilots, engineers, etc.

CVD is not well-tested, so many people who have it may not be aware of their condition. But even if they are aware of their CVD, they still do not know what they are missing out.

Samsung is determined to make people’s everyday lives smarter and more convenient through technology and innovation. Everyone deserves a better life, therefore Samsung partnered with the Hungarian company Colorlite to offer a unique and effective solution to the problem..

Samsung has created the unique app SeeColors which can diagnose the existence and the level of CVD, enabling people to recalibrate the settings of their Smart TVs and see colours as they really are.
The app is created in partnership with Colorlite® - a Hungarian invention, applying their certified technology for the first time on TV and smartphone devices. The innovative app was launched first in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

To present the SeeColors app Samsung focused on showing how the world looks like for those with CVD: there was a special media event; an online campaign was held with focus on social media (FB, YT); extensive media relations were organized, generating successful coverage.