Участници 2017

Специално събитие


Football time travelers - “Ritnitop Fest”

Bulgaria’s favorite sport is football and Bulgaria’s first beer is Kamenitza. In addition to being first, Kamenitza is also the beer with strongest association to football in our country. In 2016 Kamenitza celebrated its 135th anniversary and as part of the festivities we decided to recreate the first football match ever played here. This is how the idea was born. We wanted to make a unique vintage fest with the specific atmosphere from the end of the 19th century, when football was first introduced to Bulgaria. In order to accomplish this challenging endeavor we decided to combine a few vintage games. We spiced things up with a vintage photo corner with authentic 19th century propс. The core of the event was of course the recreation of the first football game ever played on Bulgarian soil. This happened in 1894, when the Swiss gymnastics teacher Georges de Regibus came to Bulgaria. Back then football was called “Ritnitop” so this is where the name of our fest came. We announced the upcoming event through smartly targeted multi-channel communication and built our “playground” in the center of Varna’s biggest and most popular park “The Sea Garden”. On the appointed day hundreds of people came to witness and participate in the first football match recreation. As a result we received substantial coverage in both national and regional media and once again proved that when it comes to football, history, traditions and fun Kamenitza is always the best choice.