Участници 2017

Маркетинг, свързан с кауза


Zagorka Green Fund 2016

ZAGORKA GREEN FUND (ZGF) is a successfully implemented CSR project by ZAGORKA since 2011. Being part of the Heineken sustainability platform “Brewing a better world”, ZGF is realized in the form of a national public competition, in which right of participation with projects related to water and energy efficiency have natural persons and NGOs.

The all year round project characteristics presuppose an intensive form of communication via a diversity of channels, in order to meet the preliminary set objectives, engage all stakeholders and achieve an excellent track record.

The winner of ZGF 2016 is “Bus Stop Viritas”, project of a team of three university students. The design of the bus stop combines a practical design with a green rooftop, on which can also be installed a solar panel. ZAGORKA will implement the winning project in a real urban environment and fund it with the amount of up to BGN 50 000. The project is to be realized in the region of Stara Zagora, the place where the company brewery is located.