I. Sustainable Development Campaign 

Campaigns that show clearly a long-term commitment of the company in the areas of public interest and projects in the field of corporate social responsibility. Campaigns that are in line with the values ​​and philosophy of the company, bringing together various stakeholders and cover various processes in the company, are encouraged. In the category can participate also campaigns organized by NGOs, campaigns supporting environmental protection and integration of minority communities and groups at risk.

II. Special Event of the Year

Projects and special events distinguished with outstanding achievements and innovative approach in each stage of the execution - preparation, implementation and achieved results. Projects that demonstrate reliable logistics, strong creative part and effective results no matter if these are events for 10, 100 and 1 000 participants are encouraged.

III. Innovative Campaign of the Year

Projects using a combination of communication tools and approaches implemented through innovative channels. In this category are also eligible Digital PR campaigns and campaigns combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media and other forms of interaction with consumers.

IV. Campaign, implemented by Internal PR Department

Communication campaigns implemented by internal corporate PR departments without involvement of  PR agencies. Campaigns demonstrated unconventional approach and effective results will be distinguished.

V. Communication Campaign of the Year

In this category can take part campaigns in the field of brand building, reputation management, crisis communication management, campaigns, targeted internal publics, launch of products and services. The campaigns should demonstrate clear strategy, reliable execution and effective results.

VI. Communication Campaign in the Public Sector

The objective of this category is to distinguish significant campaigns, which are realized through projects financed by pre-accession programs and/or Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund and/or other EU, international and national sources of grants. Successfully implemented projects with long-term effect will be distinguished.

VII. Agency of the Year

The category distinguishes communication agencies with a comprehensive service portfolio, offering innovative and strategic approach in creative concept development and implementation of various campaigns. Agency of  the Year must present its business development strategy, growth in the client portfolio and revenue, tools for performance measurement, best practices for research (studies) and efforts for improving the team performance. The received PR awards during the year are also taken into consideration.