General information

The time for application submission in BAPRA Bright Awards 2016 expired. Thank you to all that took part in the prestigious competition! Good luck to all of you!

After this time entries won’t be accepted.

Application is considered valid if only is uploaded through the current registration form, received confirmation in the system and re-confirmation by email.

Internal PR departments can submit entries only in the category "Campaign, implemented by Internal PR Department".

The requirement for all entries is to be prepared in English languages. The projects can be supported by link to the video no longer than 1 minute or/and up to 5 photos, each with maximum size of up to 500KB. Competing campaigns must be implemented in the period March 2015 - February 2016.

Participation with unlimited number of campaigns in each category is allowed.

The project description should have the following structure:

  1. Short description of the project;
  2. Definition of the communication problem;
  3. Strategic approach;
  4. Information about the project implementation;
  5. Efficiency and achievements.

In the category “Agency of the Year” description follows the structure below:

  1. Short description of the agency – know-how and capacity for campaigns implementation, innovation in planning, campaign evaluation, new techniques and approaches to the consumers and stakeholders.  
  2. Information about the key clients of the agency – long-term relationships with clients and specific strategic approach to the clients;
  3. Information about the key projects of the agency, implemented in the last year, distinguishing with innovation and efficiency;
  4. Additional information – a policy for staff development and any other outstanding initiatives of the agency which are beyond its core business.

IMPORTANT: The field of the registration form that requires a short project description is limited to 1 500 characters (incl. spaces). The text will be visible on BAPRA’s website. The rest fields in the form requiring project description are limited to 4 000 symbols (incl. spaces) and the information is accessible only for the jury members. 

ATTENTION: The system will automatically stop the ability of accepting additional text when the allowed limit reaches zero. 

Applications will be taken into consideration after a registration fee for BAPRA Bright Awards 2016 is paid.

The fee for one entry for a company-member of BAPRA is 190 BGN and for companies that are not members of BAPRA - is 245 BGN.

Bank account details of BAPRA:
Bank: DSK Bank
IBAN: BG13STSA93000001434292

IMPORTANT: The payment must be done before the application submission. Please, notice that you will be asked to upload a scanned payment document in the registration form. The allowed formats of the file are .jpg, .png, .gif, .doc or .pdf format, with maximum size of up to 500 KB.  The invoice will be issued after the payment is received. The invoice will be issued on the base of the data, filled in the registration form. The Administrator is not responsible for any incorrect data.