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Keep up with taxes 3 – play for a prize!

Heard anything about taxes, boy? Luckily, among Bulgaria’s key public sector institutions, the National Revenue Agency (NRA) has been a leader in effective and innovative communication with the public. Keeping this trend, in March 2016 NRA launched the third edition of its already quite popular educational project „Keep up with taxes 3 – play for a prize!“ addressed to future taxpayers.
An ever challenging effort: The 2016/2017 campaign was aimed at raising awareness about the need to pay taxes and social security contributions and the ensuing benefits for society and the living standards in the country; create in young people a responsible attitude to tax paying and financial discipline, and last but not least, communicating to them the main functions of the Revenue Agency and the trustworthy and friendly sources of information. The project was again entrusted to Interpartners (we had assisted NRA in the first campaign under this motto).
Stakeholders include students aged from 14 to 18 from schools across the country, school principals and parents. The project spanned ten months. Its first drive was on till June, and a second one from September 2016) until 15 March 2017. Handled by the NRA in partnership with Interpartners it provided a mix of live presentations in selected schools given by NRA officials, an online platform playing educational videos and based on it, multiple choice tests as part of a game with attractive prizes.