Участници 2016

Иновативна кампания


The positive change – 20 years Publicis Groupe Bulgaria

A society is as much developed as the engagement of its business for social responsibility and sustainable development. Companies have the moral obligation to look after the local communities and assure a better future. In the last 20 years, Publicis Groupe Bulgaria – the country’s leader in marketing communications and business transformation, daily invests and contributes to the development of the Bulgarian community, leading to the POSITIVE CHANGE. For its anniversary in 2015, the Group decided to provoke people and companies to take a look at their life and business and inspire them to work actively for creating a better future.
To demonstrate how the POSITIVE CHANGE improves various fields and sectors, we used the self-portrait (symbol of self-evaluation and a first step for measuring personal strengths and weaknesses) as the key element of our communication and as a starting point for making the positive change a reality. An annual calendar of activities was developed and implemented, including internal communication and employee engagement initiatives, a unique art exhibition, a survey to create Bulgaria’s business self-portrait and a corporate citizenship initiative for choosing a field of public life to invest on its improvement. The results were presented in a special print edition, which was given to all the Group’s clients and partners as a present and a source of food for thought for the year ahead.