Участници 2016

Комуникационна кампания на годината


NESCAFÉ® 3in1 Video Music Awards

Music is the universal language that has the power to connect all the people in the world. "NESCAFÉ® 3in1 Video Music Awards” is an integrated campaign that Publicis Groupe Bulgaria developed as a natural extension of the musical concept of the brand. With the campaign, NESCAFÉ challenged its core target group (teenagers between 16-24 years old) to record their own Lip Sync Video on some of the most trending and most beloved Bulgarian hip-hop and pop songs and upload it on the platform www.nescafe.bg. This gave the audience the opportunity to release its creative potential and of course to have fun, which is the key communication line of the brand. Another big driver for participation were the prizes – the big winner received a brand new MINI Cooper.
In the campaign were involved more than 10 of the hottest Bulgarian musicians, who participated in a series of activities – call-to-action videos, promo events, live chats in social media and for the finale – exclusive live concert, organized for the first time in Bulgaria. Additional marketing tools were used, in order to boost participation and generate awareness among the core target group.
The project achieved high results in terms of participation and customer involvement and above off - a tremendous word-of-mouth effect, making the campaign one of the most discussed trough social media channels.