Участници 2016

Комуникационна кампания в публичния сектор


Plovdiv full of life

Plovdiv – Bulgaria’s second largest city - is one of the oldest cities in Europe. During the last two years it has been successfully developing as a leading destination for cultural, historical and events tourism. The city is a leader in the duration of accommodation compared to other cities in Bulgaria. The effective marketing strategies and the international announcement of Plovdiv as European Capital of Culture 2019, ensure potential for sustainable development. In order to support the above facts and present the city in a different angle, we created an integrated campaign, promoting the fact that Plovdiv is “full of life”. History continues and monuments are alive through the cultural events that take place during the whole year. We effectively used traditional and social media communication channels to present the city’s cultural calendar and attract new visitors by showing the “Plovdiv” way of living. We presented new attractions and generated occasions for conversation, creating new brand ambassadors. By using as a start the official announcement of Plovdiv being the European capital of culture for 2019, we generated a continuous information flow about the city as a tourist destination.
The 4-month campaign generated remarkable results and contributed to an increase of tourist visits. In the beginning of 2016, Plovdiv has made it into the top three of the European Best Destinations 2016 ranking.