Участници 2016

Специално събитие


“Fire Revolution of Prices”

The biggest online retailer in CEE – eMAG, achieved record results for online marketing in Bulgaria by organizing the first ever Black Friday in the country in 2013. Based on the perfect awareness and high confidence in the brand, a year later eMAG started a campaign similar to the size of Black Friday – “Revolution of prices". The main task of Publicis Groupe Bulgaria was to further develop the project in 2015 and to stimulate the campaign via the established emotional relations, accenting on the best online shopping experience and using attractive, smart and entertaining ways to reach the largest number of people.
After two successful PR stunts, which had been organized as mini Revolutions, we decided to emphasize on the attractiveness of the big and hot summer discounts with the symbol of “Fire”.
Following the tradition for non-traditional public events promoting the “Revolution of prices", we organized an attractive Fire show in the heart of Sofia. Professional fire dancers made a special performance with fire and fireworks for the capital’s citizens on-site. The stunt was the culmination of the daily promo event with 20 “fire” promoters – incl. eMAG Fire Designer and an army of very sexy promo girls interacting with potential customers.
The Agency reached an exceptional visibility of the project among consumers, media and society through major online and Facebook communication. The campaign generated a significant dialogue and sharing on the activities and the brand.