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Philips TV. It’s not about watching! It’s about experiencing!

TP Vision–the brand which develops, manufactures and markets Philips branded TV sets in Europe, places its Philips Smart TVs powered by Android TV operational system at the heart of modern living rooms in 2015. TP Vision Bulgaria wanted to recreate this extraordinary experience for Bulgarian consumers in attractive and innovative way.“Philips TV. It’s not about watching. It’s about experiencing” is a unique nationwide campaign executed for the first time in Bulgaria in the period: October - December 2015. Its main strategic purpose was to attract consumer attention towards the benefits of Philips smart TVs via launching the largest transparent TV testing program in Bulgaria. The initiative implemented by us gives the selected consumers the chance to test the TV at the comfort of their own homes and share their individual opinion, regardless of satisfaction level. It was the largest testing program in Bulgaria for promotion of Philips Android TVs among consumers with different profile and social status.The most interesting part of the project was the opportunity for broaden audience to get for free at their home to test a Philips TV from the new lineup and to make their own original video reviews without the need to be professionals. The project achieved very impressive results from consumer and media perspective. We are proud that we recreated successfully this viewing experience of Philips TV which is beyond the ordinary and which marked a huge impact among end-consumers.