Участници 2016

Комуникационна кампания в публичния сектор


Reform for Security

Reform for Security is a joint project by the Trade Union Federation of the Employees in the Ministry of Interior, Foundation “Society and Security”, Association “Prosperitas” and the Press Center of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior (MVR). The main media partner of the campaign was the Bulgarian National Television. Invicus Agency realized the entire communication related with the campaign.
The main goal of the project was to put the necessity for reform in the Ministry of Interior (MVR) at the center of the public agenda. Political instability in Bulgaria and the negative attitudes towards the MVR employees made the task difficult. In order to overcome these obstacles, the agency focused on an active campaign which sought the dialogue with the audience. The campaign combines the classical PR tools with content marketing which aimed at reaching a wider on-line audience organically. 4 special events, 7 video materials, over 30 inforgraphics and social media publications and 15 press releases were created for the project. 8 people were engaged in communicating with the audience and seeking discussions via telephone, e-mail and social media. The aim was achieved through over 240 media publications/TV reports and reaching nearly 300 000 people organic audience in the social networks.