Участници 2016

Иновативна кампания


Samsung BeFearless

Today’s generation is facing a series of phobias on a daily basis, including the most common fears of heights, flying, water, public speaking, even job interviews, and this could be an obstacle to advance in life.

Samsung Bulgaria carried out the BeFearless – Challenge the Fear campaign in order to show the power of technologies in resolving a given problem and present its new VR technology to the Bulgarian market. The campaign aims at helping young people overcome their fear of heights and public speaking, and to develop their full potential through the compelling VR experience Samsung Gear VR brings.

Using innovative methods, Samsung has created a unique experience which will show people how technologies can actually be useful in tackling a concrete problem. People from several major cities had the opportunity to face their fears through a specially designed Gear VR content which allowed them to go through real situations in a 360-degree, 3D visual experience. Two participants were randomly picked to face another exciting challenge – a small plane flight over Rila Mountain.

The campaign was extensively communicated in social media and to the press, achieving very good results and positive feedback. Over 1,000 people joined it just in four weekends. The campaign was covered by the national and regional media over 80 times.