Участници 2016

Комуникационна кампания на годината


Crisis Communications Regarding the Amendments to the Law on the Ownership and Use of Agricultural Land

In 2015 PR Play implemented a campaign for crisis communication, aiming to solve a case related to the amendments to the Law on the Ownership and Use of Agricultural Land, voted by Parliament on February 2015. These amendments provided imposing fines for companies – holders of agricultural land with specific shareholding participation: offshore companies, foreign individuals or entities, other than citizens or companies established in the Member States of the European Union and of the states – parties to the European Economic Area Agreement.

This change has affected many public companies listed on the BSE, with over 1.5 billion Lev capitalization of all economic sectors (20% of the total market capitalization) - agriculture, energy, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, metallurgy, food industry, tourism, etc. One of the most affected companies was our client Advance Terrafund REIT. The changes violated 11 laws and 3 European directives, including the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Several business associations were involved in the campaign: the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association, the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies, the Bulgarian Association of Special Investment Purpose Companies, the Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Firms, the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies, the Bulgarian Industrial Association, the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.