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Samsung My Tomorrow

Samsung Bulgaria developed the mobile app, My Tomorrow, part of its Trends of Tomorrow programme, which is designed for young people’s career guidance and preparation for professional development.

MyTomorrow is an innovative and attractive way for Samsung to use digital technologies to reach young people, providing them with useful and important information related to their career development. The app helps Bulgarian young people to make a more conscious, informed and reasoned choice of their professional path. It gives the opportunity to pupils to get advice on what university education they should receive in order to develop in the field they have chosen and on the professional path they need to take in a given profession.

To popularize the app, Samsung organized dedicated events in several major cities during which the company in an interesting, fun and interactive way presented it as well as the additional opportunities the Trends of Tomorrow campaign provides to pupils. The company established contacts with over 1000 pupils and the app hit over 1,200 downloads in the first two weeks alone.