Участници 2016

Специално събитие


“From Love to Life – Avon against breast cancer”

In 2015 “From Love to Life” focused on the power of the good in people through the slogan “Helping Gives you Wings”. The communication was based on the philanthropy products (focusing on the “T-shirt with Wings”, made exclusively for the BG market) and the Walk – the most emotional event in April that gathered more than 1500 people in Sofia. The announcement campaign in TV, radio, print, online and OOH was launched a month earlier with the help of ambassadors and media partners. The topic entered the media agenda and reminded of the importance of the early diagnoses and the support women with breast cancer need.
The invitation for the Walk engaged the driver of Avon’s business – its Representatives and clients. The main channels were the product brochure, a FB event, personal mailing and info leaflets.

The culmination of the event was the donation for 2015 – the last activity during the Pink Month, organized in October in partnership with “One of 8” and Bulgaria Mall.