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Amstel Time Well Spent

Amstel’s Time Well Spent campaign provokes people to talk about their time. What is time? What does your time mean? Which are the moments you invest time in? What kind of people you spent most time with? What is actually your time well spent?

In 21st century we all use computers and diverse smart devices which have to help us do more for less time. However, in this fast moving world, too often we sacrifice the time we should spend on important things in life, the ones that make our life fulfilling. At the end of the day, it seems we didn’t make it to get more time for ourselves. It seems we have fewer precious moments with our closest people and quite less time well spent.

Amstel aims to stimulate us to dedicate time to people and moments that really matter. Amstel’s Time Well Spent is the cause of everyone who wants to devote time to the moments turning them into a significant time well spent.

Time is one of our most valuable assets and we should create a culture about spending it! Giving a relevant and truthful meaning of Time well spent = quality time for me, my family and my friends.