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Mtel Media Masters 2015 – “Five Scenarios for Tomorrow”

Will the cars be flying in a decade? Will the newsrooms and the classrooms be changed forever, when “old school” journalists and teachers are replaced by computers? Will our children see paper books only in libraries and on their grandparents’ shelves? And above all – will we be able to “order” custom-made children with a precise body type, eyes, color and sex?
Well, a telecom surely cannot answer all these questions. But what the largest Bulgarian telecom Mtel did was to invite 5 top experts in the fields of automotive sector, media, education, publishing and medicine to deliver their “5 scenarios for tomorrow” in an innovative, attention-grasping, bold manner as part of the Mtel Media Masters 2015 award ceremony, which took place on November 20th 2015.

Since the concept revolved around scenarios and innovation, the whole event combined those two story lines and staged the whole ceremony in a cinema – as a lavish movie premiere with red carpets and movie set styled interior. That atmosphere was recreated in each detail of Mtel Media Masters 2015 – from the choice of the venue to the Hollywood styled catering and drinks.

Not forgetting the primary purpose of the Mtel Media Masters competition, the “5 scenarios for tomorrow” also had the important task to recognize and reward the impeccable professionalism of tech journalists and to put a spotlight on the importance of high-quality journalism for the development of economy and society.