Участници 2016

Кампания за устойчиво развитие



The International Children’s Social programme FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP (F4F) initiated in 2013 is implemented by GAZPROM and UEFA Champions League as official partner. In 2015 it was implemented in 24 countries of Europe and Asia in the period March – June. Intelday Solutions was the Bulgarian partner of the initiative. It aims at developing youth football by championing youth sport and a healthy lifestyle, promoting tolerance and friendship between children from different countries. The key event of the programme was the International Children’s F4F Forum, 4-7 June in Berlin that brought together players aged 12-14 years from the best youth football clubs around the globe.
The main challenge in organizing F4F campaign in Bulgaria was that in the program children act as active speakers promoting human values among their peers including football players who communicate with media and young journalists who also contribute to spreading the word about the program and its values. The children are still developing, their minds are prejudice-free, and they are to build the future global society.
The concept of the Bulgarian campaign was based on the balance between information and sport and cultural events, on the interaction as opposed to the one-way communication. Intelday engaged in media partnerships and media relations and added new creative elements to the communication pool. Within the campaign period nearly 40 media covered the event with over 100 news items.