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The “Hijacking” of Mobiltel’s Twitter Account

“Mtel tweets Telenor’s and Vivacom’s best offers?!”, “If you haven’t been following Mtel on Twitter, now is the time to start!”, “Mtel’s hacked Twitter account is way better than the original one!”, “I haven’t had so much fun on Twitter in a long time” and “Someone, please, send Mtel a password generator!” were among the most prominent tweets in Bulgaria on the evening of March 31st 2015.

The reason – the Twitter account of the company has gone “mad”!

The out-of-the-ordinary tweets which appeared on Mtel’s timeline on the eve prior to the International Joke Day caused one of the few meltdowns on Twitter in Bulgaria during last year. It appeared that for the first time in the country there was an actual case of a “hacked” account, nonetheless – it belonged to Mobiltel – Bulgaria’s biggest telecom, a company owned by Telekom Austria Group, a technology leader aspiring to set the rules of the game. And they couldn’t keep their Twitter password safe! What a joke!

Well, not exactly…