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LIVE ACTIVELY! is a local Bulgarian project elaborated as a result of the long-term partnership between APRA PN and Nestle Bulgaria. Over the years, it has become the company’s flagship for balanced nutrition and active lifestyle. In 2015, the campaign marked its 10th Anniversary. Once started as a onetime event, today LIVE ACTIVELY! is the biggest active lifestyle initiative in Bulgaria.
Each year the campaign unites thousands of followers all over the country. Since 2006, more than 215 000 took part in sports and balanced nutrition activities, together with State authorities, the biggest Bulgarian sports stars, celebrities, friends, families and even pets.
In 2015, our team had the challenge to organize a wide public campaign, aiming to celebrate the 10th LIVE ACTIVELY! Anniversary and decided to develop a campaign, engaging not only the initiative fans and volunteers, but also the long-term friends and partners who supported the initiative through the years. More than 35 000 people took part in the events all over the country throughout the whole year, implemented with the efforts of a team of over 600 people and more than 350 volunteers.