Участници 2016

Специално събитие


Raiffeisenbank’s Contactless Payment Launch

The times we live in require speed and convenience. Two concepts, which are believed to be hardly compatible…or are they? Nowadays pace binds efficiency, since both are considered vital turning points, influencing consumer behavior.

In the banking world this market demand translates best in the concept of contactless payment. Cardholders hold their cards up to a secure reader and due to a tiny antenna inside the card communicates with the point-of-sale terminal (POS). Half a second later the transaction is complete – easy, no signatures or PINs required for smaller amounts of money (BGN 25), less cash dependency.

Being the financial institution, known for providing easy, flexible and effective solutions for its customers, Raiffeisenbank did not tardy in supplying its clients with the convenient payment mechanism. Furthermore it became the first among its competitors, which, while issuing new contactless credit and debit cards, also began replacing the old conventional ones, already issued, with those of the new technology generation – a process which will be concluded in a year.

Since the contactless payment method is still considered a slightly foreign concept for Bulgarian consumers, Raiffeisenbank went a step further. Its aim was to launch the innovative product in an innovative way, which not only informed the consumer of its advantages – it also demonstrated them. With the help of a dog. Yes, it is that easy.