Участници 2016

Агенция на годината



APRA Porter Novelli is a private agency, founded in 1994. Over the past 20 years of experience, the agency has successfully completed numerous communication programs and campaigns.
After years of hard work to consolidate the name of the company as a trusted business partner in the country, in 2012 the agency expanded by opening new offices in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia and affiliations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia. In order to further develop the synergy between all regional offices in the network, in 2015 they are all incorporated in APRA Porter Novelli Balkans Communication Group (APNBCG). Our multicultural team now has the opportunity to quickly transfer know-how of the characteristics of every market in the region and provide premium solutions to the clients, as well as a high quality education to young people willing to have a career in the field of communications.
One of the main priorities of the agency is the talents attracting and development. They are our most valuable resource and we work constantly to improve it. Therefore, we developed APRA PN Academy – an interactive platform through which we encourage students, who plan to work in the field of PR, to be part of the teams of one of the biggest communication projects and campaigns of the world leading brands, as well as to improve their knowledge and skills at the Educational center of the agency, certified by the Ministry of Education and Science.