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Start-it.info by IBM

Start-it.info is an online informational hub that aimed to build a sustainable ecosystem for IT professionals interested in the latest integrated tech solutions not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole South-East European Region.
The project ideas is based on actionable insights for the startup ecosystem in SEE – the lack of region-wide researches and initiatives, the need of startup founders and entrepreneurs to have access to information that will allow to make better business decisions.
The hub was designed by United Partners to provide support to tech entrepreneurs virtually by giving access to insights, know-how and tech resources to further extend and develop their business around the IT agenda.
We also made available to the SEE entrepreneurs related product information, valuable trend reports and regional events to boost their businesses, optimize their everyday activity and raise their results faster.
The platform is a good example that valuable content marketing, mixed with innovative outreach initiatives and strong stakeholders relations, gives outstanding results in consumer education and engagement programs.
The platform is designed for IBM and supports its marketing activities for the popularization of
its platform-as-a-service solutions Bluemix and Softlayer.