Участници 2016

Иновативна кампания


Best start for every child

“Best start for every child” is a long-term strategic partnership between Postbank and UNICEF Bulgaria, launched in 2013. It aims to offer support to pregnant women and families with children up to 3 years old through free home visits and Centers for Maternal and Child Health.
The goals of the communications campaign are to raise awareness and attract attention to the problem, as well as to present the specifics and advantages of the patronage care; and to encourage donations for the project via different channels.
Postbank developed a platform for free of charge transactions. The results were better than expected, as the planned annual amount was collected in a month. But in the second year of the project, a creative element was needed in order to attract strongly the public attention to the cause for the children’s early development.
The idea was to provoke the society in a different way and to use their reaction as a communication occasion. To achieve our goal we have chosen a heavy traffic zone in a park in Sofia to conduct a social experiment about peoples’ reactions to baby in need. As a part of the experiment, a special audio system was playing the sound of a crying baby as people passed by.
The innovative idea provoked serious interest and gained an extensive media coverage, with extremely positive tone of voice, raising awareness for the campaign. Moreover, there was brand mentioning of Postbank in all print and online media publications.