Участници 2016

Комуникационна кампания на годината


pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge

M3 Communications Group, Inc. has created and developed a global communication campaign of a new kind for the Swiss cloud storage services company pCloud. Its purpose is to convince people around the world that pCloud delivers the most secure cloud storage service on the market. The groundbreaking campaign was called pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge, and invited hackers from all over the world to try to break through pCloud’s encryption system. The first of its kind campaign started back in September 2015 with more than 2,800 hackers from all over the world, who tried to hack into the encrypted system and get the prize of USD 100,000 with 0 being successful up to date.

The first round of the unique challenge, organized by M3 Communications Group, Inc., attracted 2,250 participants for 90 days, who did their best to beat pCloud Crypto and the result was 0 successful hacks. After revealing the secret Crypto pass, pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge was extended till April 4, 2016 as a result from increasing participant interest. pCloud raised Challenge prize fund fivefold after no one succeeded in breaking its encryption system. A new encrypted folder with unknown content is available now for the hackers to prove that the company delivers the most secure cloud storage service on the market so far.