Участници 2016

Кампания за устойчиво развитие


Best start for every child

“Best start for every child” is a long-term strategic partnership between Postbank and UNICEF Bulgaria. It has been launched in 2013, offering free home visits to pregnant women and families with children up to 3 years of age.
The project aims to raise funds for establishing a network of similar centres and apply the sustainable model at a national level in order to support all parents of small children in Bulgaria.
Postbank developed a platform for fundraising and free of charge transactions related with UNICEF donations. The donors choose the amount and way of donation themselves – via an ATM, in cash, or via the online banking application – e-postbank.bg.
This is the CSR campaign with the biggest media coverage since the launch – over 150 media articles have been released. The project has 5 different types of media partners with national coverage.
The bank’s yearly fundraising engagement of BGN 100,000 was fulfilled in the very first months of the project and up to now, for 26 months of the project the collected amount of donated money is over BGN 678 000. The campaign accumulated largest donation amount for such a short period of time using banking mechanisms in Bulgaria. The achieved results up to now are two centers for Maternal and Child Health (third is to be opened in the end of March 2016), 32 trained nurses and midwives, who provided over 18,000 home visitations, 19,000 consultations and assisted more than 5,300 families.