Участници 2016

Специално събитие


First International Yogurt Festival

When asking a foreigner which are the two things he knows about Bulgaria, most probably he would say 'Bulgaria is famous for its yogurt and beautiful women'. Cliche, but it exemplifies the notion of the good traditions and great nature Bulgaria has. So it is logical why the team of M3 Communications Group, Inc. get together the appreciation of tradition and deep charm of natural beauty and organized the First International Yogurt Festival along with Miss Rhodope beauty pageant.

The festival took place 4 days in a row in the cozy village of Momchilovtsi. It is where the Chinese company Bright Dairy found in 2009 the one-of-a-kind yogurt bacteria and initiated the production of Momchilovtsi brand, which is highly appreciated and well-recognized in Shanghai. The company wanted to celebrate the origin of its brand with a special event, which M3 Communications turned into a national festival, by attracting government officials, members of associations, business communities and citizens from all over the country and abroad.

Exhibitions, a photo contest, workshops, lectures, presentations, tastings, samplings, performances, folklore programs, music shows, and the accent – the beauty pageant, enjoyed thousands of visitors and spread the word in numerous traditional media and social media profiles and groups.