Участници 2016

Специално събитие



Since coming to Bulgaria in 1965, Coca-Cola has continued evolving and over the years has made a number of major investments. Today, Coca-Cola in Bulgaria employs over 2 000 Bulgarians. The overall impact of the added value of the system in Bulgaria amounts to €270 mln, or 0.6% of the national GDP.
Corporate responsibility is at the heart of everything that Coca-Cola does since its establishment. The company has been investing continuously in the Bulgarian society, focusing its efforts on three key priority areas: Youth Development, Wellness & Nutrition, and Environment.
In 2015, Coca-Cola dedicated its Christmas campaign “Pass on the Good” to its partners, working on socially significant causes. At a special Christmas event, the company celebrated the brand’s 50th anniversary in Bulgaria, together with representatives of the public, private and the NGO sector. As part of the campaign, 50 Bulgarian excellent students from small towns in the country received greeting cards bearing a personal message and signed by the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov.