Участници 2016

Специално събитие


The Happiness Concert

When talking about 'the quiet epidemic', people always think of Hepatitis C. Nothing but quiet was the communication campaign 'Are You Happy?' developed by M3 Communications Group, Inc. for the purposes of alerting the society on the importance of regular checks for Hepatitis C and bringing public awareness of the recently approved treatment for the disease.

Even now when the new treatment has just been approved, adopted and entirely financially supported by the Bulgaria's National Health Insurance Fund, the team of M3 Communications Group, Inc. turns to the years of 2014 to 2015 when the company held and coordinated a great series of numerous events, lectures and initiatives all over the country.

A single stage of the campaign prevails – the multi-thousand concert in Sofia's South Park held on the World Hepatitis Day. As emphasis of the campaign, the concert engaged the society with the motto '841 Voices for Hepatitis C', alerting that every year 841 people in Bulgaria lose their lives due to the insidious disease. The special event reminded that the early diagnosis and the timely treatment can change this statistics.

A highlight of the concert, visited by tens of thousands of people, was the song of the rock legend and front man of the incredible band Uriah Heap John Lawton – Happiness. The great event united many performers and singers in their support to the campaign. Hundreds of people had their chance to test their blood in the mobile laboratories on the spot.