Участници 2016

Кампания за устойчиво развитие


Citizen Day

Citizen Day is a CSR project of L'Oreal Bulgaria of great value, social benefits and public importance. It is an inevitable part of the company's corporate policy. Every year the whole staff of L'Oreal Bulgaria spends a day in teamwork on a good cause. By sharing moments with colleagues, the employees of L'Oreal Bulgaria devote efforts, time and good will to volunteer.

In 2015 the team of M3 Communications Group, Inc. found the serial cause with potential. It transformed the efforts of L'Oreal's staff into a better working, training and researching scientific environment for the students of Sofia University. The team improved significantly the conditions in the educational and experimental base of the botanical garden to the Sofia University by spending a whole day in cleaning, planting and re-cultivating the huge area of the base.

Despite of taking care of the good relations within the team, L'Oreal and M3 Communications Group, Inc. gave a big example of social dedication and public consciousness, which was widely spread as a positive news and admiration in the traditional and social media. The volunteer day made all the employees proud of a project for further development of the scientific potential of young people in Bulgaria.

This initiative logically continued another long-term global program of the company - 'For Women In Science', which in collaboration with UNESCO empowers and encourages women in the scientific field to develop and share their work.