Участници 2016

Кампания за устойчиво развитие


I Love Water

I Love Water (H2Obicham) is one of the masterpiece projects of M3 Communications Group, Inc. in 2015. The campaign was developed to raise the awareness of benefits of regular water intake to human body and everyday activities of Bulgarians.

The healthy hydration and its key role to human life was the reason why the M3 Communications team created and implemented the concept of I Love Water nicknamed by H2Obicham.

The campaign was developed in collaboration with major authorities and institutions – like the I Love Water Association and the Faculty of Public Health to the Medical University in Sofia, along with the support of the corporate sector - the bottling company Devin JSC, experts, celebrities, opinion leaders. It was all related to emphasizing and educating people that regular water intake is a conscious activity at first, which we can regularly develop as a habit in order to bring balance and health to our daily routine.

The project was developed in three sub-campaigns: At Home – devoted to families, At Work – directed to employed people, and On the Road – related to drivers. The campaign included many online and offline initiatives, engaged traditional and social media channels, and gathered communities of people, who need to know more about the healthy lifestyle and are certain to change their own and their families' water intake habits for good.