Участници 2016

Комуникационна кампания в публичния сектор


Follow the journey of the salmon. Taste Norway – Norwegian seafood days

Follow the journey of the salmon. Taste Norway is a unique campaign for Bulgarian communication market. It combines business, cultural and social aspects, which together created one of the most successful campaigns the Agency ever created. The client – The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bulgaria and Norwegian Seafood Council trusted United Partners as an Agency, capable to exceed the results from the previous year. In its core the campaign aimed to promote the Norwegian seafood with a focus on salmon and was targeting business partners as well end consumers. But that was only one aspect of the whole. The other incredibly important aspect was the social one. By eating healthier sea food Bulgarians are creating habits, which will be of benefit for the whole society in long term period. The campaign, created and executed by the Agency, reached all previously selected target groups and completely fulfilled its business and social goals. The client’s satisfaction is the biggest criteria for a successful execution of a campaign.