Участници 2016

Специално събитие


SEPHORA Christmas collection – Cosmic Chic

A Christmas bomb is exploding in space! A sexy, devilish Cosmo girl wearing sky-high sparkling heels and an asteroid-studded suit splits the stratosphere at the speed of light like a comet on her lipstick rocket, blasting through space with fiery allure. The Christmas sky is filled with starry palettes, sparkling interstellar gifts, shimmery nail polish, scented moon waters, iridescent creams, galactic makeup, and lots more… Black and white striped gift boxes adorned with shimmery red and explosive glam style create a universe of cosmic surprises! This constellation of incredible, magical gifts was part of the launch of Christmas collection Cosmic chic of SHEPHORA!

The premium brand choose United Partners as a trusted agency to execute the whole launch campaign. The glamorous event with a cosmic taste took part in a luxury venue with an incredible view to the city. Different corners divided by different themes were as a part of a luxury fairytale. Ladies were able to welcome the beautiful SHEPHORA products and enjoying their company. From communication point of view the event managed to fulfill all set goals. It raised the awareness about the brand and increased the desire toward the collections. All desirable products from the new collection were presented by professional experts, who provided tips and tricks to the audience. Christmas 2015 at SHEPHORA was all about intergalactic chic!