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EEMUSIC - Energy Efficient Music Industry

EEMUSIC Energy Efficient Music Culture is the biggest project in the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in the history of European music industry and includes more than 150 events in 30 European countries. It is 3 years project, that bring together music industry experts and communications agencies in order to help music events all over Europe save energy and reduce their carbon emissions.
EE MUSIC aims to create a dialogue amongst leaders of the industry on how to establish an efficient and sustainable energy music culture in Europe. EE MUSIC workshops and training events share skills on energy management for many affected groups: promoters, production professionals and energy consultants, as well as venue owners and operators. The EE MUSIC web platform provides information on international good practice and concrete recommendations for efficiency measures. The project is financially supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission.
It provides practical solutions and supports the greening of music events industry with a focus on energy use. What we call arts and creative industries, in fact, has a great impact on energy consumption and hence sustainable development. Arts and creative industries reach the hearts and minds of public of all ages. Music, musicians, clubs, music events, have always been a great unifying and influencial force.
The campaign results exceeded almost 50% the desired target.